Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Top 10 Day Ride

Been looking for a good weather day for a bike ride.  I been suffering through some depression and pain in my back.  I needed to get out for a bicycle ride.

It was about 10am this morning when I kitted up for a bike ride.  Loaded the hybrid on the rack and drove to Lake Manawa.  Parked at the Nature Trail.

Did my good deed of the day.  At the trail parking lot, there was a woman contemplating the trail signs and map.  It was obvious she was not familiar to the area.  I offered her some help and gave her a copy of the Omaha.Council Bluffs trails map I always have in the car (in the bike rack bag).  Suggested some routes and their distances. 

Sunny with light, variable winds,  Thermometer on the car said 72 degrees driving to the trail.  Road the look around Lake Manawa.  Perfect temperature - in the shade and a little wind I was cool,  in the sun and sheltered from the wind it was a bit warm. 

Snapped this photo at the apartments across from the golf course.  Three bears climbed a tree as chain-saw are.  The sculpture was fashied from on dead tree - instead of cutting the stump - they created the sculpture.  Had seen if earlier in the season before the bears were painted.

Stopped at the bike shop for a quick visit.  Rested and napped the rest of the afternoon.  Word is that the contractor crew will be at my place tomorrow to replace the gutters and downspouts.

Oh, while riding my bike, my back did not hurt so much.  Pain was back when done, though prehaps a little less than this morning.

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