Monday, August 18, 2014

Long Morning Shadow

Good day for a bicycle ride, was long as you were out early.  When I left home, was reporting 66 deg and 100% humidity.  Sunny morning with a slight breeze from the West.

With the humidity, it was a bit chilly when I headed out from Wabash Trace Trailhead.  Glad I had my light jacket.  Headed down the Lake Manawa Trail.  I had some back pain over night, so took a couple generic "Tylenol".  Hoping the ride would loosen up the back.

So, I took it easy starting down the trail.  Felt pretty good to be one the bike, riding the hybrid.  Looking for a little change of scenery, I decided to ride the loop around Lake Manawa in a counter-clockwise direction.  Today's photo was taken on the Veteran's Memorial Trail near the junction of East Manawa Drive and Hwy 92.

Did not meet any other riders until I rode down Indian Creek Trail.  At the bridge, I was getting a bit warm so stowed the backed in the rack bag.  Met several more early morning riders in Lake Manawa State Park.  Surprisingly, my legs were not sprnt when I got done. 

While in town, did a couple errands.  Stopped at the hospital for my regular blood draw.  Then Hy-Vee for new supply of generic tylenol and one of my prescriptions.  On my way home, detoured to Treynor and picked up some snacks.

Home, checked e-mail and facebook.  Re-hydrated with Powerade Zero and took a nap.  Pretty good morning.  Calendar proof was in afternoon e-mail.  Approved the proof.  SWINT meeting this evening in Silver City, debating if I make that meeting. 

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