Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Gutters

Thursday is a day for coffee at Panera.  The contractor's crew was scheduled to install new gutters.  With the problems with the roofers, I did not cancel my coffee chat.  Good thing, too, because Paul (had not seen him for a while) stopped by for a while.  When I got ready to leave and shut down my laptop, there here 14 updates needed tp be installed.  Delayed me departure by 20 minutes.

The contractor dropped off their trailer while I picked p the rest of supplies.  About 9:30 the crew arrived at the house and got to work removing the old gutters.  New, seamless gutters with leaf guards and larger downspouts.  Chose the classic cream color for the gutters since I am repainting the house and want a lighter color.  Colors are discussed in another blog posting.

The gutters are formed on site from a roll of painted aluminum.  I had hoped to watch the machine form the gutters, but I missed it.  They were too quiet and did not hear them.  They have their forming machine in a trailer which they bring to the job.

Over the last several years. I have not been able to get up on the roof to clean the gutters.  The downspouts were completely plugged.  All this did not help keeping a dry basement.  Having the larger downspouts and the leaf covers should make things much better -- no more water pouring off the roof and past the gutters.  May find out how well they work this weekend are rain is forecast.

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Tami Garcia said...

Good stuff! Your house can only be taken to new heights with those augmentations. New gutters are a plus, in particular, since they aid to the structure of the house. I hope everything is going well. All the best!

Tami Garcia @ Affordable Seamless Gutters