Friday, August 1, 2014

Another Visit to the Zoo - Roof Repairs Stalled

I needed to get out for a walk or bike ride today.  Roofers were supposed to arrive between 7 and 8 in the morning.  It I wanted to go to the zoo, I needed to leave the bouse at 8:30.

Was a little bit humid and overcast when I stuck my head out of the door.  I had already dressed in shorts and polo shirt, so decided is was a "Zoo" day.

Arrived at the zoo as the gates were opening.  Got a good, close-in parking spot.  The goal today was to get down to the petting zoo area.  Did a detour through the Desert Dome - since most of it was closed when I was in March.

I get busy shooting photos, I do not get the names of most of the animals/  Another visit to the zoo, I should stop to shoot the exhibit sign so that I can later match the animal to the photo.

Stopped to shoot some flower photos.  Most of the plants are NOT labeled on the zoo grounds.  That would be helpful.  For now, som eof my flora/florist friends generally supply the names after I post them on facebook.

All around of Bear Canyon I found these strange cheracters (see photo(.  From the name, I think it was some Asian sculpture.  (should have grabbed a photo of the sign).  No idea it this is a semi-permanent exhibit.

The Zoo Railroad was running (I was sure sections of the track was torn up a month ago).  Toured Bear Canyon,  Lower photo is the American Black Bear. Got a couple shots of a peacock showing off his plumes.  Peahens and chicks wandering the area around Sue's Carousal.

My 11am. my legs had enough.  Splurged (50 cents) to ride the tram up neat to the zoo entrance.  While it was overcast and not hot, I was sweating from the humidity.  Treated myself to a Blizzard on the way home.

When I got home, I found no roofers.  Not surprised.  Exchanged e-mails with the contractor's salesman.  He came to the house to apologize.  Guess the company has a new work scheduler - and not coordinating much with the salesman. Was hoping to get the crew to my house tomorrow.  Well - that was blown out of the water later in the afternoon - the house the crew was working on needed a new roof deck in addition to the shingles - so would not be getting to me tomorrow.

 He gave me more info about getting the broken window.  Have someone to work on that tomorrow - after I am home from breakfast.

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