Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rainy Day Errands

Sure glad the roof repairs were completed Tuesday.  Yesterday was a wet, rainy day - most all of the day.  Good day to do errands in town.

Started with a hair cut (I was getting a bit shaggy).  Then stop by the paint store to tal about paint colors for house exterior.  The clerk there said they could match just about any color I wanted.

Next stop is the hospital.  Short visit with the Cardiac Rehab folks.  Wanted to show them the selected photos for the 2015 calendar.  Then it was to CVS photo department for passport photos.  My passport had expired last year.  Need it renewed or a new passport card if i want to drive through Canada during my trip to Portland, Maine.

While the photos were getting processed, stopped by the bike shop to visit.  Talked to Zach - asked him to proof my calendar - I had e-mails it to the shop account. Bacl the CVS to pick up my photos.

DAMN! Passport photos are a rip-off!  I could have taken them myself, but hearing all the hassles with size of the face in the photo, size of the photo, not to mention of printing and cutting to size, I decided to have CVS do them. 

Now, anywhere, you can get 4x6" prints for under 20 cents.  Passport photos are 2"x2".  But, they cost almost $12 each!  And we need to get 2 (government paperwork is confusing - some places in the web site I see 2 photos are needed, other places need 1).  Anyway, $24+ (including tax) is a bit high.

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