Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Contractors (and other vendors) Beware

Back on June 3rd, we got hit with a nasty storm.  My house suffered hail damage.  This is August 12, almost 2 1/2 months since the storm.  I am STILL getting unsolicited phone calls for roof and house repairs!

First - They are too late.  Do they really think I would wait for over 2 months to look for and contact a contractor?  I was on the phone and web sites withing a couple days.  I know contractors get busy at these times, so the best thing is to get estimates, Do the rest of your homework, and select a contractor.  Then you are on his list for repairs.  Nothing will happen until this happens.

Second - I do NOT work with contractors that solicit work over the phone.  I will work with local, known contractors that I contact and ask for estimates.  There are too many traveling, fly-by-night contractors out there.

Finally, my phone number is on the National Do No Call list.  Anther reason your phone calls will not generate any business for me.  All you do is make me angry and make sure I would never do business with you.

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