Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cowboy Wear

When in Rome...   New Mexico is a western state with a rich cowboy/rancher heritage.  It does not hurt that I like to wear western gear.  The clothes I have at home currently do not fit me.  So, headed out to the Boot Barn on San Mateo. 

First on the shopping list was a decent pair of boots.  The western boots I have worn, are not the best boots - generally from discount retailers.  This time I wanted to buy a pair that fit me comfortable and are a pleasure to wear, not as a fashion statement.  Tyler (sales clerk) helped me select a pair of Durango boots with a walking heel. 

Next were a shirt and a belt.  Boot Barn had a good selection of Wrangler western shirts with snap closure in my size.  This was surprising, being the best fit was 2XT (double X Tall).

I have many western belts at home, all to short to me at this time.  We found a belt with some design in the leather, and no large trophy buckle.  Had to get some supplies for the boots - boot jack, boot hooks, and leather conditioner.

Was a successful shopping trip.

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