Monday, January 18, 2016

House Hunting

After the busy days Monday and Tuesday, I spent Wednesday recovering.  Back at it Thursday.  Had a meeting with my real estate agent.  We discussed what I am looking in a house. He was going to go though listings and send me a list.

I was planning to go from there to the bank's mortgage offices.  However, my real estate company has a full service mortgage division.
went down the hall and met with the mortgage broker.  Went through gyrations, figuring out the best way to get a pre-approved loan.  I have to forget the line of credit I was pre-approved for - it would screw up home loan approval process.

Friday and over the weekend, I spent untold hours looking at home listings.  Sent a couple e-mails to the real estate agent with properties I was interested in, and questioned exactly what he was using for sort parameters.

Saturday evening, I was ready for a break.  Cousin Don and I met at Billy'Long Bar for food and drink. Great visit and conversation.

Today, I met with Leland (real estate agent) and selected a few properties to inspect.  The house in the photo here is the best that I was today.  We look at houses smaller (and less expensive) that he had started selecting.  The ones we looked at today were in the 1400 sq-ft area.  While I liked what I saw, for purposes of "due diligence" I need to look at larger and more expensive houses, too.  Probably another session of inspecting houses later in the week.

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