Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Poncho Villa

It was a foggy morning that greeted us in El Paso.  Had breakfast at the hotel.  While packing u the room, heard the rain start.  It was about done when we ere ready loading the van.

Out of El Paso, we headed West on Rt 9 to Columbus, NM.  The fog stayed with uo for about 50 miles.  Columbus is renowned for the raid on the town by Poncho Villa.  Toured the museum at Poncho Villa State Park.  From there, we went across the street to the old Columbus Depot which is now a museum.  Memorabilia from the raid and General Pershing's routing of the renegades.  Upper photo o\is of a early "tank" of the era.

From there, it was up to Deming, NM.  There is a local museum at the old armory.  Across the street is the old customs house.  We did not enter/tour either of these site.  I was food time.  Heading west on Pine St (main E-W drag) stopped at the cafe at the Balboa Motel.  Good taste and good price for lunch.

Out of Deming, we took the cut-off from Deming to Hatch.  Checking the map, I was a wide spot in the road called Nutt, NM.  Had to stop to take a couple photos of the sign.

Made it to Albuquerque by 5pm.  Cranked up the computer, checked mail, and crashed to bed.

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