Thursday, January 28, 2016

Getting Home, Again

Monday, I headed back towards home.  Was a chlly morning, was out of Albuquerque about 5am.  First stop was Santa Rose for breakfast.  Had blueberry pancakes, sausage, and coffee at the Sun & Sand Restaurant on Historic Rt 66.  Much better service than the diner I ate at in Santa Rosa the last time traveled through there.

My book of things to see in New Mexico showed The Blue Hole in Santa Rose.  I found out the attraction was just back of the restaurant I was eating at.  The Blue Hole is a spring fed 81 deep hole in the earth.  I understand it is popular with local swimmers and divers.  A bit too cold for a swim that morning!  In the photo here, you see the full moon over the Blue Hole.

From there. it was a short drive East on I-40 to the "ghost" town of Cuervo, NM  Old buildings are on both side of the interstate.  I was able to recognize some of the buildings (ruins) from photos in my book about ghost towns of New Mexico. I understand the little church in the lower photo is still in use. Like mant of the other "ghost towns" in New Mexico, most have a couple residents. 

On long the highway, I saw another cluster of buildings.  No town on the map, but seemed to be another will way-station in the old Route 66. 

My route had me exit I-40 at Tucumari.  Took time to detour to look at old Main Street of Tucumari.  More signs of the bygone era along the "Main Street of America".  Many ruins of businesses along the street.

Settled into my lodging in Dodge City.  Frustrated from one of the e-mails I received.  More questions from the other person handling my proposed mortgage. 

Could not sleep, so figured to get an early start towards home.  Abouth 15 miles out of Dodge City, I got a "low tire" light.  Waited at a convenience store until it opened where I could get some change to feed the air pump.  Only place for tire repairs are back in Dodge City.  Killed some time in Dodge City by having breakfast in McD's.  Eventually, the tire store pened and I was able to get the tire fixed.  Was back on the road about 8am.

Without any other adventures, I arrived home about 4pm. 

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