Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Council Bluffs Riverfront

This week work started on the Council Bluffs Riverfront - Phase 1. This section is just South of the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. Click HERE to see the plan.

Trees being cleared between the Iowa Riverfront Trail and river. for the new green space. On the other side of the trail construction is continuing.

My ride started from the Western Historic Trails Center. Rode to the pedestrian and over to the middle of the bridge. Took a few photos there. Then road on up to N. 25th St.

Stopped at the construction area again to take more photos. While just about ready to head back to the trail center, was hailed by Mike - a guy met on the trail Sunday. He was on his bike (thinking its his first bike ride of the year). Nice chat there.

On the way back home stopped again at Xtreme Wheels. Became a busy day at the shop. Almost like "old home day". Randy (and tribe) and Andrew were there. Few others I don't know remember (I hate it when that happens).

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