Monday, March 1, 2010

Iowa Riverfront Trail

Yesterday I rode the Iowa Riverfront Trail from the Western Historic Trails Center to N 25th St. Another pretty day - sunny, low to mid 30s, no wind.

The trail was in mostly clear condition. There was a little snow just leaving the Trails Center. The next spot was under the I-80 bridge. The worst spot is the little detour at the north end of the I-480 bridge. That detour is ice, snow, and mud (see photo).

Met a walker at the detour. Stopped to visit with Mike for a while. He is looking forward to get on the bike this spring (suffering shoulder repair surgery). See you on the trails, Mike. Thanks for a nice conversation. Another cycling friend was out, too.

Sky started clouding over the last couple miles. Cool by the time put the bike on the rack and headed home. Really tired last night.

The forecast is for high in the 40 next weekend, little or no rain for the next week. GET OUT AND RIDE!

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