Thursday, March 25, 2010

Water Receding, Bridge Out, and Bike Lane Swept

After radiation and chemo (3 stabs today), I decided I needed to get out for a bike ride! Lower 50s, sunny, with some wind from the North.

My hybrid (Trek 7200 FX) was ready at Xtreme Wheels after annual turn-up. Headed from there to Lake Manawa. Found the Missouri River is receding. No longer over the road to the river boat ramp.

Comparing Monday's photo, you can see that drop in the river level.

Monday I saw that the Lake Manawa trail was "closed" at the river boat ramp. Today, that sign was up again today so I headed past the sign to see what was up. As I neared the Indian Creek Bridge, I saw the bridge was closed. They are re decking the bridge.

Trekked over to the shore road, joined the Indian Creek Trail at Hyway 90. Rode on up to S. 16th, East to Harry Landon, on to Mall of the Bluffs, and finally back to the bike shop. Pleasantly surprised that the bike lane on Harry Langdon Blvd has been swept!

All in all, an "A-" bike ride.

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