Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ride on the Trace

Monday I headed out for a ride on the Wabash Trace. Sunny, windy day. South from Xtreme Wheels to the trailhead, I almost gave up, Rough riding into the wind. But I persevered. Not so bad once I was on the Trace with the shelter afforded by the winds.

The surface was graded for the first 3 miles. Later that day the crew was planning grading the rest to Mineola. Saw several places where downed trees have been cleared. Thanks to Greg and crew for the work.

Made it up the hill to Margaritaville. Was a slow climb. Stopped a couple times on the way up. Took a couple of photos of the Dumfries Bridge (word is that bridge will be history this year). Was exhausted by the time I got back at the bike shop.

Think I might have pushed things a little too far that day. Took the next day off. Planning to ride soon this afternoon. Will be a good day to check out the situation at Manawa.

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