Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Brought the hardtail to ride yesterday. Plan was to ride the Wabash Trace. Stopped at the bike shop and the word was the Trace was soft/muddy. On to "Plan B".

Over the weekend, heard the Missouri River was flooding around Omaha. Headed over to Lake Manawa on the bike. Rough riding into the wind on the Mosquito Creek levee. When I got over to the river access road, I found it was barricaded. When I rode over to the river levee, I saw why. The road and trails are flooded.

Deep water at the entrance from the road to the west side.

Rode on the levee to the east side. Here's the view of No Second Cnance junction with East Sidewinder.

Most of East Sidewinder is under water.

Riding over the the West side, Woodchopper is under water.

Walked down to the Woodchopper turn area. Here's a trail view.

The trails are going to need to work once the water recedes. More photos on Facebook and will be posted on the THOR web site.

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