Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gaging the Wind

Needed to get out to ride Friday. Wind was kicking up from the Southsoutheast. Was a bit strong heading into the wind on the Lake Manawa Trail along Mosquito Creek.

The spur from the Lake Manawa Trail to E. Manawa Drive had been shouldered and seeded. I have found out the that "spur" will continue along E. Manawa Drive North to Hyway 92 where it will connect to the Veteran's Memorial Trail. That will cut the distance from the Wabash Trace to the "Bob Bridge" via bicycle trails.

Had fun (and a little scary) pedaling with the wind up Indian Creek. with a 15+ mph wind on my back, I pushed the road bike up to 27.4 mph on the flat! Fastest i have ridden on the flats. And with the wind, it was a little scary - so I brought it on down.

On the Veterans Memorial Trail, they have paved the section. Looking good, though still needs to be shouldered. The long section from S. 24th to the Trails Center had not been paved - yet.

Made my normal stop at the Western Historic Trails Center and on up the trail. With the wind, I was not looking forward to riding into the wind on N. 8th, St, I decided to ride city streets from the Bob Bridge to Xtreme Wheels.

The riding on city streets were much more sheltered. Had a pretty good ride, and got in my 20+ miles. BTW, the "short cut" that Zach told me about (South St) sure makes the ride from the shop to the car (at the trail head) sure made a difference. Love not having to cling Harry Langdon!

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