Saturday, October 30, 2010

Windy Ride

The weather this week has not been conducive to riding - very windy. But I had not been on a bike since Sunday, I had to get out an ride yesterday (Friday). By noon, the sky was clear, temperature in the low 60s, and a 10-20+ mph wind from the SSW. I settled for a ride on the Wabash Trace. Besides, I wanted to check out paving progress in Malvern.

As I unloaded the hardtail in Silver City, a young man came over to talk with me. There it a new business opening in Silver City - Austins on the Trail. The restaurant and lounge will be in the old Wabash Bar and Grill building at 405 Main St. Austin's is planning to open December 1st.

On down The Trace. Other than for the wind, it was a beautiful day for a bike ride. At lease the trees along the trail offer some shelter. Stopped at the Silver Creek bridge for water and photos.

Just South of the Silver Creek Bridge there is a deadfall down blocking the trail (about 1/3 mile south - 2/3 miles North of 305th St). It took some effort, but worked the bike through the branches and was able to continue riding down the Trace.

There are smaller branches and limbs littered all over the trail. That is not surprising with the wind we have been having the last week.

At Janke Rd the barricade was down. I could see workers a little down the trail. Rode on the new paved trail to where they were working. I was advised that basically, the new surface was available for riding. They were pouring the last footings for railings at a couple culverts.

Most of the shouldering work is done. Next week (first week of December) they should complete leveling the shoulders, seed the shoulder, and sweep the trail surface.

While the trail is not yet officially "open" through Malvern, it is rideable. Just watch for construction.

More paving photos are on the Wabash Trace Facebook page.

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