Sunday, October 3, 2010

Omaha Cyclocross Weekend

Saturday was the start of the Omaha Cyclocross weekend at Swanson Park. Was a beautiful day - sunny, cool, light breeze. Bike riding weather.

Decided to bring the cameras to shoot the race. And shoot I did - just short of 900 photos! Some need some help, most of pretty good, a couple are just awesome.

The photos are available for sale on my photo web site - When you purchase the photo, I will send you the file vie e-mail. The file is yours to do as you wish - except no commercial use without permission. (That means you can use it on your Facebook page, give prints to friends, hang a big poster of you in the house, but you cannot sell the photo.)

Will not be taking photos at the race today (Sunday). Today's riding day for me!

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