Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday Morning Photo Shoot

Its time to catch up on my blogging. Saturday the 16th, I headed to Omaha after breakfast. Beautiful morning to walk and shoot photos. Not up to riding - already had 111 miles for the week.

Parked across from Rick's Boatyard at Lewis & Clark Landing. Destination: Heartland of America Park. Set up the Canon Rebel T1i for exposure bracketing.

Most of the photos I shot were 3 bracketed exposure, generally +/- 2 EV. Some were exposed +/- 1 EV. A couple, where I did not have the changing fountain contend with, were a full 5 exposures: -2, -1, OEV, +1, +2.

Back home, I processed the photos with Photomatix Lite.

The next couple days I spent lots of time processing photos. Found some awesome photoshop plug-ins created by Topaz Labs. Took their software "Adjust" for a free test drive. Here's one of the "art print" efforts.

I have posted some of the art prints on the Tom Winfield Photography Facebook page. More will likely find their way into this blog.

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