Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photo Shoot Bike Ride

After coffee at Panera Bread, the weather was just too nice (for the end of October) to spend it in the house. Time to get out for a bike ride. Aired up the tires on the hybrid.

Had not been riding that bike in a while (with the road bike getting the work-out). But, with the cloudy sky, it was a day to shoot HDR exposures. The hybrid has the rack and bag to carry the D-SLR.

Was a bit rough heading out - into the wind from the SSW. At least got a break riding up Indian Creek Trail with the wind.

When I turned the corner onto Veteran's Memorial Trail I noticed that the construction barricade was down, The re-paving there was done. They still have to pave the section of Western Historic Trail from S 24th to the Trails Center.

Feeling good at the Trails center, so headed on North the the "Bob Bridge" and across to Omaha. Got some awesome photos on the ride!

Uneventful ride back to the Trails Center and on to the car at the Wabash Trace trail head.

Some of the photos shot today are on the Tom Winfield Photography Facebook page.

27.6 miles today, topped the 1700 mile mark for the year.

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