Monday, October 11, 2010

Trail Closings

Yesterday I rode from the Wabash Trace trailhead to the Bob Bridge. As I was prepping the bike at the trailhead, Roxy (another THOR member) happened by. We rode together - was good to have a friend to ride with. The trail was open all the way.

That's why I was surprised to encounter barricades across the trail this afternoon. The first barricade was along Hwy 92 just East of S. 24th St, closed to S. 24th St.

The second closed section is from S. 24th St and Richard Downing to the Western Historic Trails Center. When I reached the Trails Center, I stopped to talk with the construction workers. The trail is being repaved - asphalt to be removed and replaced with concrete. I asked how long the trail will be closed. He commented "if they get right to it, should be done in about 2-3 weeks". Some of the paving machinery is along the trail (along Hwy 92).

I wonder - it this is the repair and repaving that is being done in Council Bluffs where monies were shuffled away from the Wabash Trace? The asphalt paving in the area are really NOT bad - for what I have seen, it didn't need to be replaced.

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