Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rides on the Wabash Trace

Monday and Tuesday the forecast was for windy from the SE. Temperature in the low 70s and wall-to-wall sunshine. Perfect weather for a ride on the Trace.

Monday's ride was from the Council Bluffs trailhead to Mineola and back. Took my time climbing to Dumfries, wanted reserves for the climb back up from Mineola.

I was just one of those "perfect" days to be on a bicycle. I was not in a hurry, no pace to set or beat. Just ride. Any when i got to Mineola, I wanted to just keep on riding. Not stop, not come home, just ride.

When I got back to the car, I wanted to ride more! But, decided to save the legs for another day. Speaking of my legs, a bit strange for me. When I head out riding, and even during the ride, my legs (and perhaps the mind) are not sure they are up to a long ride. A reason that I take it easy. But when done, I wished there was more -- more miles to ride. I have ridden every day since Sept 28th! and not too tired to get out and ride another day. While one day was just a couple miles when doing trail work, most of those days were about 20 mile rides.

Back to rides on the Trace.

Tuesday was a day to ride from Silver City to Malvern to check out progress of the paving construction. Stopped at the Silver Creek bridge to take some photos. as i was about ready to head on south, I could recognize Dennis headed down. We rode together on down the Malvern.

As I got to Janke Rd, I saw that supples for barricades are in place, but barricades were not. The same was the case all rest of the way to Malvern and through town.

Word had been that construction was to start a week ago through Malvern. Dropped a note (with photos) to the SWINT Board member with the county conservation board with a copy to the SWINT president. Have been some great weather the last 2 weeks - missing great opportunities for good construction weather.

On back up to Silver City. At Silver City, I rode a little past to Dobney Road to see the transition at that point. Dennis was on a ride out of Mineola- so we parted company.

I did continue up to the end of the paved section. The transition there needs some more crushed rock. its a bit rough.

Back at the car, I had just over 19 miles. Wanted to ride more, but loaded the bike on the car and headed home. Wednesday was another day.

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