Sunday, September 4, 2011

Council Bluffs Bike Paths Open

This week, we got the word that CB was planning to open the
Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge Saturday morning. With that came the plans to open the levee trails. Levee trails will be open during daylight hours only.

I was looking forward to check out the trails and take a few photos. This morning John and I headed out for Sunday Morning Ride. From Panera Bread, we rode the new section of the Veteran's Memorial Trail to Lake Manawa Trail. Detoured down to the river to see the level.

On over the Indian Creek bridge. I had ridden to the bridge last week, so know how full the creek was. Stiff headwind greeted us as we rode up Indian Creek. At Hwy 92, I was surprised to see that the water level had dropped enough to ride under the bridge. (see photo) Even the trail had been cleaned!

Smooth sailing (pedaling) on over to the Western Historic Trails Center. Its still some time before the water will drop enough to ride on past the Trails Center. Short visit with Dewey. Time to pedal back to Panera so John can get home and mow the lawn.

OH, I should say something about the weather. Cold front came through yesterday. Our ride this morning was done under sunny skies, temperature in the mid 60's, and a stiff NW breeze. Glad I had long sleeves and a jacket for the ride. Cool for Labor Day Weekend.

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