Thursday, September 8, 2011

Iowa Riverfront Trail

Yesterday was the day to get a hitch installed on the new car. Figured it was a good time to head out to check out the Iowa Riverfront Trail. Had not been up North on the trail since the flooding (trail was closed).

The river continues to drop. How we are seeing the damage done. Today's photo showed what was the riverfront parking lot at Harrahs (near the golf course).

Please be careful riding the trail - there are numerous places where hoses from flood pumps are crossing the trail. Most are covered with hard pack (almost paved) over the hoses/pipes. Two spots have flat "pipes" across the trail.

The river is still high, but I could see some of the damage that was done. There are trees uprooted, land washed away, and new sand bars in the river. Not sure it is was water damage or working to shore up the levee, but a section of the Dodge Park Golf Course fell victim to the flood.

Much of the paved trail will need to be replaced - damaged from vehicles driving down it for inspections/maintaining the levee.

The trail is closed at the golf course. The lower section of the Harrah's parking lot (and the bike trail) is still under water. Basically, consider the Iowa Riverfront Trail is closed from the Trails Center to Dodge Park Golf Course.

I was less than a mile from getting back to Council Hitch (where I was getting the hitch installed) when my phone rang. Car is done. Good timing. Stopped at Xtreme Wheels to get the hitch. Zach was busy, but his friend Joe installed the rack for me. Now I need to get some rock in the low spot of the driveway so the hitch doesn't drag!

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