Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Car Dealer Frustration

When we last visited, I was bringing the new car home. At the dealership, I was told to come in next week to get paperwork for registration.

Last week (about Thursday the 8th) I was back at the dealership (Classic Chevrolet Cadillac) Eventually they found someone that knew where the paperwork was for my car. She told me that they did not receive the MSO from the original dealer, yet. Now, this was a WEEK from when I said I wanted the car and nearly a week after taking delivery! I was now told that it could be 10 days to 2 weeks before I can register the car.

She just kept telling me that "it takes time". Gave me no warm, fuzzy feeling that she really cared about when the paperwork was processed.

After coffee this morning, I came by the dealership since no one had given me an update. The sales manager was wondering why I was in the showroom. I told the sales gal that I was looking for my registration paperwork.

They found the paperwork and had me sign some more forms. Guess they were just gonna sit in some office until they got around to realizing they needed to contact me for signature. When I asked for registration paperwork, she told me that the bank had it.

On over to the bank. My personal banker checked and they had not received any registration paperwork. When I updated him of my problems, he commented that he was surprised that the dealership would deliver the car without having the MSO in hand. Back to the dealership. Finally I got the straight scoop - One of the papers I had signed was the MSO and WOULD be sent to the bank later today.

When the sales manager checked my sale, they were supposed to include the registration, tax, etc in the invoice. It was not. I had asked about the registration and tax and had been told that I needed to pay it when I registered the vehicle.

This whole episode has been a royal CF. Every time I talked with someone, I was getting only parts of the information. Hell, it seemed that no one seemed to have all of the information. Stay tuned...


Jez Andrews said...

Oh my god how much hassle are you having buying a car!!! Either the system is too complicated and too much paperwork is involved or you're dealing with a bunch of cowboys. Take it they won't be on your recommended lists!!!!!

Ivo Beutler said...

Quite a hassle, right? A lot of paperwork is involved in buying a new car. But that ensures the legality of the deal. The paperworks prove that your agreement is the real deal. These will be your safety net in case something goes wrong. Yes it's a hassle, but it's for your own sake. Although, yeah, it would have been easier if you had a better dealer.