Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Journey of Hope

Sunday morning I had the necessary layers for a cool (chilly) Sunday Morning Ride. Had my breakfast at Panera but my riding friend did not show. I was not really disappointed - not ready for the cooler riding weather.

With the wind kicking up, I decided to ride the Wabash Trace from CB up to Dumfries. When I got at the trailhead, I found there was a charity ride there - fund raiser for cancer support groups in CB. The ride was the Journey of Hope Bike Ride/Walk for the Winds of Hope. I signed up for the ride, got my ls t-short, and headed up the hill.

Have not done much hill climbing. I sure felt it. My legs were tired by the way I got to Margaritaville. Normal stop there for a granola bar and G2. Back down to the trailhead.

Did my good deed for the day and had my bike ride at the same time!

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