Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mountain Men Rendezvous

This week has been the Mountain Man Rendezvous at the Western Historic trails Center. I stopped by there yesterday morning after breakfast to check it out.

Since it was relatively early in the morning, there were not many visitors. One of the vendors was cooking up breakfast. Of course, I had already had mine. Visited with one of the "Mountain Men). we is a VietNam vet. Had a good conversation.

In the afternoon I was back one the bike. A few more visitors of the gathering. Since it was mid-afternoon, I was getting a little hungry. In 2009 I was in the 4-corners area. Kept seeing signs about "frybread".

Had never tried it. Since they had some at the rendezvous, I just had to try it. What I got was much like a large, flat doughnut. The "bread" was sprinkled with sugar. Washed it down with lemonade. Got my sugar fix for the ride back.

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