Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Damage Near Silver Creek Bridge

On Monday, I took the day off the bike. Was a bit windy, anyway. By Tuesday (yesterday) I was needing a ride. Forecast was for sunny, temp in the upper 70s, and a wind out of the NNW. With the wind, i decided to ride the Trace from Silver City to Malvern.

Was a nice, easy ride South to Malvern. Met a few other riders out on the trail. Caught a nice photo of harvesting though the trees on the Trace.

Knew it would be work on the way back up to Silver City into the wind. Took it easy. Stopped at the shelter just North of the Silver Creek bridge. Wanted to redord the damage done to the shelter. It looks like a vehicle backed (or drove) hitting the supports. (see photo) There were also vehicle tracks beside the shelter.

Ended up with a nice ride at 9.5 mph (about average for me right now on the Trace).

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