Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cuyuna Country

After a frustrating week, FINALLY yesterday I got the car registered. The county was going to send it back to the bank because an error in the lien fee - luckily i was there and paid the fee. Headed back home and packed the car for a trip to Minnesota.

Was a beautiful day today. Would have been nice to be on the trail, rather in the car. But, I made it up to Deerwood, MN. Checked into the motel, started unpacking, and headed to the recreation area to shoot some photos.

Was not ready to head out on the dirt trails with the 500 mile drive. After it warms up in the morning, planning to rides some dirt. One day I want to ride pavement (Cuyuna Country State Trail). if I have time, I an thinking of driving down to Brainard to ride a section of the Paul Bunyon Trail.
Miner Mountain. This is the country I will be riding.

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