Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Morning Ride

John and I headed out from our normal Sunday Morning Ride. We meet at Panera Bread in Council Bluffs, have our coffee and "breakfast". A little after 9am, we roll out.

Most Sundays we ride from Panera, to and around the South side pf Lake Manawa to the Western Historic Trails Center. I stop at the Mountain Bike Trail area (Missouri River boat landing) area to check out the water level. Today, I noticed that they have started scraping the mud off the road. (See top photo). Going to be a big job with all of the silt that has piled up.

John mnetioned that the are pumping out Lake Manawa. Not sure why. (Is it because of the zebra mussels?) Maybe they are just lowering the level - Ihave reported earlier this summer about the high lake levels,

The Road around Lake Manawa is closed. They have hoses/pipes across the road for the pumping. What we could see from the Indian Creek Trail, one pump is running and they have 2 other "over the levee" systems to install.

Nothing note-worth the rest of the ride to the Trails Center.

When I was the the Trails Center, I got some of the scoop on the "water rescue" behind the Center. A bicycle rider tried to negotiate the flooded paved trail.

Apparently he got out of the trail and lost his bike in the water! From the lower photo, you can see that you are not sure where the trail is after it drops into the water. I have ridden that section of the trail regularly and would not try to find my way though the water. The water is just too deep, nasty, and trails curves.

Bet he needed to be hosed down if he fell into the water!

Wind was kicking up when we headed back to Panera Bread. Slowed down the return ride. Still, was a great day for a bike ride!

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looks like u had a great ride!

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