Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Ride

It was a pretty nice day for my birthday ride. About 70, sunny, breeze from the SSW when I headed out from the Wabash Trace Trailhead. Before I saddled up, asked someone in the parking lot to take my photo.

Photo turned up good - and now using it as my FB profile photo.

Uneventful ride to the Western Historic Trails Center. There I stopped to visit with Dewey and a couple of bike riders. Story of more folks trying to ride the trail behind the Trails Center. At least they did not need a official water rescue!

From there, it was over to Xtreme Wheels. Wind was kicking up a bit. Chatted with Zack & Jay. Thanks for the T-Shirt, Zack!

Was a bit of work pedaling into the wind for the 4 miles back to the car. Still, an enjoyable ride and afternoon.