Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Table Rock State Park

My first full day at Branson. After breakfast, I started planning a bicycle ride. Checked the internet then headed to Downhill Bikes.

Craig recommended I ride at Table Rock State Park. He said the Red Loop should just what I was looking for. I drove back at the hotel, changed clothes (into my riding kit) and loaded the trail bike on the car.

The first section of the trail was a nice, flowing singletrack/ No Problems riding it. Soon, I was walking the bike up/down grades with lots of rocks and roots.

After a miles, the trail tamed down and back into easy singletrack. (Top photo) I knew it was too good to think the trail would be like that all the way to the car.

In no time, I was back climbing and descending a rocky trail. The lower photo is one of the most challenging section - just to walk!

Like the start of the trail, the last few hundred feet are nearly level, easy, flowing singletrack. I was really tired when I got back to the car. One of the reunion guys said I looked like i had been through the wringer.

Lots of photos. All-in-all a good ride. No speed records - 2.8 miles in 1 hour!

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