Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whipper Snappers - Branson

Whipper Snappers is located in the lower level of the Great American Steak & Chicken House, 2421 West Highway 76. Whipper Snapper bills itself as " All-You-Can- Eat Lobster and Seafood Buffet". Their advertisement says that if there are folks that do not the seafood, the could order from the Great American Steak & Chicken House and the food would be taken down to Whipper Snappers.

We had a group of about 20, so would be a good place to eat. The first problem we encountered was that while the 2 restaurants were together, we could NOT sit together in one place. Whipper Snappers has a limited alternative menu.

The steak/chicken restaurant upstairs was very busy. The sparse clientele at the seafood lower level should have given us a clue.

Anyway, we were seated. Part of table 1 ordered, my table ordered, and the 3rd table ordered. I ordered the bacon cheeseburger, fries and water. Tried to
order a beer but our waiter say - Later - once the food was ordered.

Most of those eating on the buffet started eating. Food started to be delivered to us that had ordered from the menu.

Some of out group on table one some how were missed on the food ordering. There were able to order. About this same time.

I tried to order an IPA beer. Our waiter tried to tell me I needed to pre-pay for the beer because they would have to get it from the upstairs bar. Another waiter (one that could speak better English) took my order. The only thing close to waht I wanted was a Bock beer. Which, I then found they were out of. I settled for my water.

My burger arrived. The only good part of our meal (other than the company) was those of use that ordered off the menu. My burger was tasty, BIG, and lots of bacon. Another of our group had the chicken sandwich - and reported that it was also very good.

Those of our group that ate off the seafood buffet reported that the food was not that good - specially with the price!

The Great American Steak & Chicken House/Whipper Snappers should close the seafood buffet and concentrate on the chicken and steak.

Our recommendation - PASS on Whipper Snappers.

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