Monday, October 24, 2011

Exploring Two Rivers Park

Very early Sunday morning we were treated some thunderstorms rolling though the Little Rock area. It was a cool damp day for most of the day. Sun started out peaking out about 3pm.

Looking at Google Maps and Google Earth, there were some "bicycle" trails in/near the Two Rivers County Park. The trails made a unusual geometry pattern. My friends there did not know was there. Exploration Time!

Drove out to the parking lot at River Mountain Park and Two Rivers Park. This was where I had turned back on my ride Saturday (13 miles from the house). Unloaded the bike and beaded across the Two Rivers Park Bridge (today's photo)/

Lots of folks out for a walk/ride. Brought the trail bike since I did know know what trail surface conditions I would encounter. Temp was in the mid 60s. Sky was partly cloudy. Glad I I dressed in my long sleeve jersey. Cool and the shade, comfortable in the sun.

Once you cross the bridge, you are on the Two Rivers Park Trail. A paved, multi-use trail. Sections are also used by horses, I rode to the end of County Farm Rd.

Close to my goal - finding what the geometric shape is, At the entrance was a sign proclaiming this was the entrance to Quorum Court Trail. The whole area is a labyrinth of trails. Most are paved, but those in the center of the open area were crushed rock. Loose crushed rock - not conducive to ride riding (even on the trial bike).

Basically, I explored the perimeter of the trail area. After all, not much to see. Most of the was an open field of grass with trails cut into.

Headed back to the car. My legs were getting a bit tired from pedaling the trail bike and the long ride I took Saturday.

Hoping to ride today before I pack up and drive to Branson. Then this afternoon - Echo, here I come!

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