Thursday, October 6, 2011

Easy Street

Today it was Easy Street - the trail named Easy Street. Its a green trail in the Mahnomen Unit of Cuyuna Country SRA. Easy Street is a "2-way" trail. I rode (walked) the trail from E to W.

The trailhead is near the Pennington Lake parking lot (0.1 mile North of the lot). For nearly 1/2 mile, the trail climbs the "mountain" of overburden. Riders are treated views of Huntington Lake from most of the length of the trail.

After cresting the trail climb, the trail was a nice, flowing trail with short ups and downs. The trail turns away from the lake and the singletrack ended at a gravel road. Its about 1/4 mile down the road to the Boot Camp parking lot.

After the 1.8 miles on the singletrack, I was not ready to re-ride Easy Street on the way back to the car. While i had thought about riding Boot Camp again, I had enough of singletrack for this ride.

The Cuyuna Lakes State Trail - a paved bike trail - runs on the South side of Huntingtom Lake. A relaxing ride back to the car on the paved trail. Round trip - 4 miles.

The photo above is the view from East Street. More photos are on my fb page. Eventually, photos will be posted on my web site.

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