Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little Rock!

Very early Fruday (3:30) I got on the road for my trip to Branson, via Little Rock. While in the area of Branson, I took the opportunity to visit friends and ride bike in Little Rock. Regular readers of this blog know I at usually take a circuitous route to my Army Reunion.

Saturday dawned sunny with a light breeze. By noon, the temp was up into the 70s. Great bicycle riding weather!

Kitted up, aired up the tires on the road bike, and headed out from the house. OH, how I like not having to haul the bike to the trailhead!

First destination was the new Clinton Presidential Park Bridge. Today's photo is of the Clinton Presidentail Library taken from the that bridge.

Across the Arkansas river to N. Little Rock. Rode the River Trail for some 7 miles to the Big Dam Bridge. While it was a climb (I had to stop and walk a little as the heart rate was getting too high) I was not ready to head back. Rode down the BDB (Big Dam Bridge) to the Little Rock side, knowing that I would have to climb back up on the way back to the house.

Continued on West along the river to the new Two Rivers Bridge. Was seeing some beautiful, wooded. paved trail when i got across the bridge. I resisted riding further. It was getting late and I had about 13 miles to ride back!

On the way back I did not stop as much tp take photos. On the other hand, I was riding a bit slower. It was rough climbing back up the BDB (had to walk part way). A second shot block about the time I reached Burns Park. Had already consumed my G2 and over half of my water. I didn't want to bonk.

Finally back to the Clinton Bridge and onto Little Rock city streets to the house. A great (yet exhausting) 25.5 mile ride. Guzzled my 32 oz PowerAde, and headed out for dinner.

I had a hankering for Mexican food. My friends selected Brownings Mexican Grill. Great food and I washed it down with a good local IPA.

Crashed to bed about 8pm! Awesome day.

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