Friday, September 23, 2011

Royal CF

Yesterday I opened envelopes from Classic (the car dealer). I was expecting a survey on the purchase/sales gal. Thankfully, I was at Panera Break for coffee. One of the envelopes was my title application paperwork. This was the same paperwprk I had been told that the dealership had sent to the bank a week ago.

At the dealership, (have I told you that almost every time I am in there, I get a different person and different answer) I was told that I got my own financing, they mailed me the paperwork. No explanation as to what too a week!

So, back to the bank where my banker took the paperwork and was forwarding it to their title office. The paperwork MAY make it to the county treasure office before my 30 days. Hope I do not get any penalty (here we have 30 days to register a vehicle).

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