Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ike's to Coin

Time to make a trek south to take photos. With another beautiful day in store, I headed down to Coin, IA, planning to ride up to Ike's and back. Unloaded the bike and headed out from the Coin trailhead. In the first 1/2 mile, I encountered over 4 trees down (thought it would be clear from Shenandoah to Coin).

I gave up and drove up to Ike's. The trail was supposed to clear for the Winery Harvest ride. This is a section of I had not ridden before. Wanted to photograph the Tarkio Bridge.

Uneventful ride to what I thought was the Tarkio River. (Now I see that the Tarkio River is crossed by the Trace South of Coin. I photographed the bridge over the W, Tarkio Creek!) I met one couple that said they were planning to ride to Blanchard - but they were stopped a little over 1/2 miles shy of Coin.

From the W. Tarkio Creek, the trail climbs for nearly 3 miles, cresting at 250 St. When I had started from Coin, It looked like it was a steady climb. So, I figure from 250 St to Coin is downhill.

Trail is blocked with downed trees at H Avenue. I did not try to ride South from Coin. With all of the downed trees in Coin, there was no reason to try that section.

Note: This is just informational. The trail crews have done a great job clearing the trail. Just soooo many downed trees from the storms.

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Jimmy said...

Oh wow! Looks like an awesome place to bike at! :)

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