Sunday, April 8, 2012

Climb to Margaritaville

Was not sure if I really wanted to ride today. Debated for a while. The weather was pretty good (70 degrees, sunny, but a brisk wind from the SW). Kitted up, loaded the hardtail and headed to the Wabash Trace trailhead.

I have wanted to ride up to check out the new tunnel that replaces the Dumfries Bridge. Now, I was not sure how far i would be able to ride. It was the frist time climbing Dumfries Hill this season. As I started from the trailhead, I was almost sure I would not make it up to Margaritaville.

With the first 2 miles (mostly flat), I was able to get into the rhythm of the ride. Popped a "shot block" for some an energy kick. I had to take my time climbing. My heart rate was in zones 3 and 4 (a good cardio work-out for over 30 minutes). Stopped twice to rest, rehydrate, and let the heart rate drop.

Made it up to Margaritaville, stopping to take a couple photos on the way. Shot several of the new Dumbries Tunnel. The tunnel has a good high ceiling (not like the one under Hwy 275). But, it is just not the old Dumfries Bridge.

Took me about 50 minutes to get to Margaritaville. Stopped there for a Cliff Bar and G2. Shot a couple photos of Margaritaville, and headed back down the hill. Took it easy mostly coasting down the hill.

Took time to photograph the ruts in the trail surface caused by peeps riding the trail when very soft. There were also signs that horses had been on the crushed limestone surface. One spot, a walker was on the trail when it was so soft to leave deep footsteps.

Round trip was 1:28 - not one of my fastest rides - but happy with the ride. Sure glad that I rode today. Today's photo is of the new Dumfries Tunnel.

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