Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival

Information about the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival is now out. The short story is that its a ONE DAY festival on Saturday, June 9th. Click on the link HERE for more information.

Friday there's a summit for trail advocacy clubs (billed as Great Lakes MTB Summit).

I was hoping for a bigger (longer) festival. Now, I am really torn attending 1) CAMBA Festival of the Trails over Memorial Day Weekend or 2) Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival 2 weeks later. If it was 2 days, no doubt, I would be at Cuyuna.

On the other hand, CAMBA is 2 1/2 days with lots of other activities. With gas and driving times to the "North Woods", I really can't do both. I would do them both had they been scheduled on consecutive weekends.

FotT is planned over several of the CAMBA clusters. Lots of driving from motel to the various trailheads (some 20+ miles away). After the crashes last year, I am also concerned about riding these trails by myself (no cell phone access).

Oh, Yeah, there's also another function Memorial Day Weekend! Ride the Keweenaw weekend in Copper Harbor, MI, including Copper Harbor IMBA Ride Center Dedication/Ribbon Cutting.


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