Friday, April 27, 2012

Ride on The Trace

Well, it sure is greening up around here. Some rain and sun and the grass in growing too fast. I know some folks here that have already mowed the lawn TWICE this season. Its only April and the Wabash Trace maintenance crew has been mowing the edge of the trail (today's photo).

Beautiful weather yesterday. Sunny, 72 Degrees, dry, breeze from the NE. At coffee I told Dennis I was planning to ride The Trace south from Silver City. I arrived Silver City a couple minutes after 1. Dennis had already departed Silver City for his ride. I was on the trail about 1:08.

Was thinking of riding to Malvern. As I neared the Silver Creek bridge, Dennis was on the bridge. He had ridden a little bit further and was about to head back. At this time, I was not looking for a ride to Malvern, maybe to 305th St then back to Silver City.

Dennis decided to ride with me (adding a couple miles to his ride). By the time I was back to Silver City, I was beat. Probably could have just turned around at the bridge. Anyway, was a good ride. Was able to check out the mirror Oscar (and his family - Palm Coast) gave me for Christmas.

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