Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Manawa "Trail Day"

Yesterday, I was thinking of a pavement ride - to get some miles. A bunch of the Bike Masters and THOR folks were planning at "Trail Day". Goal of The "Trail Day" was the ride in the new trail and offer comments.

The photo above is the group that started off on the ride. A few others joined the ride.

There is a little over than 3 miles flagged on the East side of the parking lot. Dale R rode with me for a while. I was able to ride about 2 miles before it was enough for me.

Some spots of the trail is very soft. Other sports have sand, dropped by the flood. The best section I rode was the newest section where Fast Track used to be. This section of trail seems to flow better. Just a couple spots where the flow is interrupted.

Previously, I had commented on the first section. There are some very tight spots in this section of the trail. A couple inches on each side of the handlebars. While some of the riders (and the TL) want it tight, I do not think it would be good for racing. Not good for my kind of riding, either.

Speaking of racing, there is a race scheduled of this new trail on August 11th. LOTS of work needed before then.

After the ride, we had a trail-side cookout. Brats, burgers, chips, ribs, and beverages. Thanks to Dave P for manning the grill: TL for the meat: THOR for the chips, papers, condiments. Was a nice way to end the day.

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