Thursday, April 12, 2012

Toasted Legs

Weather forecast is for rain/storms for the next couple days. That's great because my legs need a break.

Sunday was climbing Dumfries hills on the Wabash trace (first time for the season). Monday was struggling up Indian Creek Trail into 15-20 mph wind.

Did it again Tuesday, just further. Rode the Manawa, Indian Creek, bike shop, Trace trailhead loop. Over 3 miles into the wind. Stopped for rest and visit at Xtreme Wheels.

Met another cyclist/photographer ( Had a nice visit.

Greatest park of Tuesday ride was flying down Harry Langdon and South Ave riding the wind!

Yesterday I header off to the Western Historic Trails Center. Went past to I-80. Stopped at the Center and visited a little.

On the way back to the car, I stopped by Leach Camper to see what I can do to sell the RV. I might get $2-3K from Leach, could get $4-5k through Craig's List or such. In any way, Think I need to try getting it running to be able to sell it. Doubt I could get much to get it "as is".

Back to the ride. By the time I turned off Veteran's Memorial Trail, heading back to the car on Lake Manawa Trail, my legs were getting tired. Had the ride been a mile or two longer, I would not have made it. My legs were "toast".

I could hardly move last night. Looking forward at a couple days off the bike.

Today's photo was taken yesterday on Western Historic Trail at the baseball fields. No photo taken during Tuesday ride.

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