Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its Race Time

The mountain bike racing season is under way. Yesterday was the frist race of the season for the Psycowpath Mountain Bike Series. First on the schedule was Jewell Jam time trial.

The time trial was held at Jewell Park ion Bellevue, NE. The 3.5 mile course included some 450 feet of climbing. Temeratures were in the 80s during the race. (That's ride, 80s the end of March!)

Later in the day was the Old Towne Fat Tire Criterium. I had enough for the day standing 2 hours on the hillside at Jewell Park, so did not shoot photos during the crit.

Here's the link to the Time Trial photos.

Swanson River City Shootout cross country race is this afternoon. Watch for posting of the photos.

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