Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back on the Hybrid

Tuesday, I took the road bike to the bike shop. Several things: get the flat fixed, see what I did wrong with the inflater, annual check-up. At over 2000 miles, the rear tire is getting thin (and cut where the tube punctured). Guess should only plan for about 2500 miles on those tires. Replacing both tires.

Inflater problem was "operator error". Was thinking of a pump - but not a decent place to mount the pump without losing a bottle cage.

Cassette and chain was in good shape. Getting the bar re-taped, with extra bar cushioning.

So, yesterday's ride, I was back on the hybrid. Decided for a short ride to and around Lake Manawa. Parked at the Wabash Trace trailhead.

When I got to the power plant road, I noticed new caution markings at the trail barrier posts (see photo). Looks like the painting is done only at the hinged posts (the same situation at the Indian Creek Bridge, but NOT at the Manawa Nature Trail). When i got back to E. S. Omaha Bridge, a worker was watching the paint dry at the caution marking for the trail post.

After the 3 mile walk Monday, my legs were feeling it. Glad I had not planned a longer ride. The 11 miles was enough.

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