Saturday, May 19, 2012

A+ Bike Ride

Here's what I posted on Facebook about my bike ride: "Ever had a day - just can't get moving and motivated to go out for a ride. Then, when you start pedaling - you don't want to stop? Today was one of this days."

Debated riding the Tramway Trail or the "Bosque". Studying images of Google Earth, I could not verity parking spots (trailhead) for the Tramway Trail. So, kitted up, loaded the hybrid and headed to Central Ave trailhead on the Bosque. When I got there, I realized that I had forgotten my sunglasses (no big shakes) and my cycling shoes (big problem). Back to the hotel.

Frustrated by the time I got on the trail. All that vanished soon on the trail. It was about 80 degrees, wall-2-wall sunshine. 9% humidity, winds 0-15 mph mostly from the West. Awesome riding weather.

Rode South from Central Ave. Went a little further than Rio Bravo Blvd. Not looking to ride the south end, I turned back. Whole different scenery along the trail during May than I saw when riding this winter! Took more photos (of course).

When I got back to Central Ave., I was not ready to stop. Rolled past the trailhead, riding up to I-40. Could have ridden further, but am hoping my cousin will be wanting to ride tomorrow morning. Did not to have my legs shot for that ride.

In the morning, I started sorting stuff to pack back into the car. Monday, I start heading back home.

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