Sunday, May 20, 2012

Packing, Bike Ride, & Eclipse

Got a good night's sleep last night. Yeah think the bike ride might have something to do with it? Did most of my packing of my clothes.

Set up for a bike ride with my cousin Don. We met at the Central Ave. trailhead on Paseo del Bosque. Rode South to Rio Brave. Stopping on the way back, asked some of the folks along the trail to take a photo of us. They were support vehicle for a Boy Scout 50 mile badge ride. Anyway, today's photo is of Don and me on the "Bosque".

Lunch was my treat. Don sprinted to the vehicles after our photo was taken. Pigged out on Village Inn breakfast, coffee and pie/cake.

Finished the day with visiting a friend I met on-line. We went West of town to watch the solar eclipse. LOTS of other foks had the same idea I did. Parked along the road West of Volcanoes Day Use area (Paseo del Volcan). It was a "happening"!

Back on the road in the morning. Tomorrow evening in Taos.

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