Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Exloring West Albuquerque Trails

I was in the mind to explore new trails. Looking at the Albuquerque Bike Map, I decided to check out the west side. Looks like a bike path along Unser Blvd. Additional trails along some of the arroyos. Now, just find a place to park the car.

Drove over to Unser Blvd North from I-40. When I got to Western, I knew I could park at the Petroglyph trailhead. Unloaded the bike and headed North on the trail. Rode the Under Blvd trail to Mariposa Trail. This trail mostly follows an arroyo and power line. Got a little confused when the trail ended.

With some help, I realized I was at Mariposa Basin Park. Found my way along the park and the Riverview Trail. Riverview Trail is a very steep (or a paved trail). Flew down (had to use brakes) the trail. Explored the basin and gravel trail at the end of Riverview.

Not looking forward the climb back up - but got to it. The trail got too steep for my to ride up part of the trail. Back at the Basin Park, I rode around the park and took the turn to Boca Negra Trail. Rode that trail to its end.

Retraced my tracks back up Mariposa Trail and Unser Blvd to my car. By the time i arrived back to the car, I had enough for today. Loaded the bike, stopped at a Subway for lunch. At the room, processed the photos I took today.

Today's photo is of my Trek 7200 FX hybrid on the Boca Negra Trail.

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