Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beat the Storm

I just could not get going this morning. Got a good night's sleep, got up late (for me), even napped this morning. When all else fails - take a bike ride!

Loaded up thee hybrid. Planned to ride the "Bosque" south from Alameda. Weather forecast was for sunny, and a wind from the SE at 10-15 mph.

It was after 1pm when I saddled up and headed down the trail. There was almost no wind. My legs didn't seem to want to move. Took it easy (9 mph) as my heart rate was already into the mid 90s.after about 2 miles, I started getting the rhythm of the ride.

At 6 miles, I took a break. Noticed that the sky was clouding over to the West. Time to turn back to the car. Kept looking at the sky. Sure I was going to get wet before getting back to Alameda. Pedaled as fast as I could without bonking. Did not to get caught in a hail storm like we had yesterday.

Made it back to the car with time to spare. I was almost back to my hotel, stopped at Village Inn for a burger and salad. As i was exiting the restaurant, the rain started.

Back at the room, changed out of my cycling kit. Drove to Barnes & Noble to pick up some photography and Linux magazines. The storm was a normal Spring/Summer afternoon shower.

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