Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paseo del Nordeste

This morning, I rode the Paseo del Nordeste Recreational Trail. Started from my motel near Menaul & Carlisle. Rode the streat to the N. Diversion Channel Trail. The first think I saw, the city is constructing me trail bypasses under streets.

After just short of 2 miles in my tide, I turned east to ride the Paseo del Nortests. This is another trail along a diversion channel/arroyo (The Hahn Arroyo). Since the trail is perpendicular from the Rio Grand, it climbs East towards the Sandia Mountains.

A couple times I thought of turning back (after all, I had enough climbing yesterday). I persevered, and made it all the way to the end of the trail at the Sandia High School (about 3 miles from the N. Diversion Channel). Stopped to take some photos and re-hydrated a couple times.

The 3 mile coasting ride back down partially made up for the climb. Then, just a easy ride (slight up-slope) along the N. Diversion to Menaul. Back at my motel just on time to change clothes to meet a fraternity brother at Range Cafe.

The afternoon, processed photos, rested, and made tentative plans for riding the RailRunner to Santa Fe tomorrow.

Today's photo in along the Paseo del Nordeste Recreation Trail in a section of the Hahn Arroyo rehab project.

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